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Helping Builders Build a Website

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

How Reset Web Design helped a local construction business build a website

build·er/ˈbildə/noun plural noun: builders

  1. a person who constructs something by putting parts or material together over a period of time.

The first time I met Art Nolasco, he walked into my kitchen, took a good look around, and with a warm gaze (because…masks) and an enthusiastic tone of voice, he confidently said: “I can help! No problem!”. Having worked with countless contractors before, I was skeptical at first. Who is this man? Is he really qualified? Will he overcharge me? You see, honesty and expertise are quite high on my list of qualifications. I was about to remodel my kitchen, and as you all know too well, that is no easy feat. Add to that, two kids running around, a busy life, and the new threat of COVID, and voila! You got yourself an anxious mom who had no idea where to begin.

Art’s son, Rudy, joined in on the consult. I communicated my vision of an ideal kitchen, asked questions, expressed concerns, and was met with two confident, reassuring contractors, who clearly knew what they were talking about. This was not their first rodeo. In fact, they had years and years of builder experience, and on much larger projects – commercial, industrial, and residential. I instantly felt relief and had a really good feeling that these two would come through for me, for us, for our family!

And so it began! A big kitchen overhaul, including installing new tile, new fixtures, painting wood cabinets, building pantry shelves, etc etc. It was quite the project, and although it was terribly inconvenient, Art and Rudy made sure to meet the agreed-upon timeline and delivered a final product that they were both proud of! No detail was overlooked, and they made sure I was happy every step of the way. Even though my house looked like a war zone, I put a lot of trust in Art and Rudy, and they, in return, earned that trust and literally turned my outdated kitchen into the kitchen of my dreams!

before and after pictures of a kitchen remodel

Since I so thoroughly enjoyed working with them, I wanted to refer them to my friends and family. That’s when I discovered that my kitchen was their first “official” construction job as a new local family company. You see, they were both working for different companies in the previous years, and have decided to consolidate and work together on more local projects. They had a name and a logo, but nothing more. That is when I decided to offer my web design services and help them establish an online identity! I was helping these builders build a website! A proposal was quickly drafted and agreed upon, and since I felt so passionate about their high quality of work and exceptional customer service, I was able to easily design a functional and stylish website that I knew fit their vision as a company, and in just under three weeks!

screenshot of website

I particularly enjoyed perusing through their extensive picture archive of past completed projects. I had fun coming up with a creative, yet efficient, design for their homepage with a slider that featured their most prominent projects. It was utterly satisfying being able to connect the pages together with copy that was consistent throughout, colors that reflected their brand, and optimized and searchable content.

screenshot of the "Work" page on the website

I felt a great deal of pride and accomplishment helping this wonderful local construction company as I truly believe in their expertise and I’m very confident in their exceptional abilities, and most importantly I have created a wonderful connection with their Salvadorian culture and got to know some of their food, values and business ethics.

Check out their projects (and my kitchen remodel!) at!

"Whatever good things we build end up building us." - Jim Rohn


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